Monday, April 8, 2013

Leave Me Alone

At this point I really don't care if this "poem" flows or not. I'm still going to post it and not make it fancy or anything.

Just go away

Leave me alone

I’m tired of seeking you out

Just to be ignored

For all my hard work

Is never enough

I’ll never amount to much

It’s plain to see

Your brightness was what drew me to you

But you knew I was nothing

Just another adoring fan

A wanna be friend

But clearly my mind

Could never reach

The heights of which you flew

And your talent so rare

And lovely as a jewel

Brought others to you

More glamorous and lovely then I

Mediocre is the best I will be

So easy to be snubbed

By the people in your circle

So off I go

To be alone

So leave me alone

As you have been doing

I’m just one less fan

Among a throng

I won’t even be missed

But I will miss you all.


  1. It's nice.
    What does "all" mean, at the end?

  2. It's an excellent poem!
    And Poems don't have to rhyme to be a poem... It's emotional and awesomely portrays that.

    ~hugs tight~
    I do hope you post poems more often! You're really wonderful at writing them- writing them your way, like no one else can! :D

  3. *hugs tight*
    I love this poem, Kallista. I feel like it means quite a bit to me. It's so emotive, and written so well as to portray that.
    You are brilliant, as is your writing. :)
    *hugs again*