Monday, October 29, 2012

Never Really Loved

Never Really Loved


There is nothing harder

Than seeing your love,

Wanting to touch him,

To speak with him,

To hold him

To love him

But then you see

He has seen you

Yet he doesn't come near.

He merely glances at you

Then walks away

With no words spoken

In the opposite direction.


  1. OMG Kallie
    So Simple and you can feel the Emotion
    You have such a talent.

  2. aww *hugs tightly*
    I agree with Misty and NJ
    simple and so touching and sad

  3. Melancholy, it's easy to understand.
    Brilliant, Kal! Are you going to post on the poetry blog?
    ~hugs~ I liked it! I hope you write poetry more often from now on :D