Monday, April 23, 2012

Harry Potter FF

There is a House of Hogwarts that is unspoken of; it is the invisible 5th house. For most people there is no knowledge of us, because technically we do not exist. But I am real. My fellow “classmates” are real. In the shadows we lurk, watching, always careful not to get caught for it is forbidden that we be exposed to the Quality students of Hogwarts. We are known by the few simply as the Rejects, or the Duds. In our House there are now only six of us. Once there was a seventh: a girl named Lena. She was sixteen when I first arrived. Then one day she was taken from us and we never saw her again. There are rumors that once we reach a certain age, we are then available for anything that the Ministry of Magic wants to do with us, things that are not suitable for any human nor which anyone would want to do to an animal, they being cute and worth something. Experiments, testing, and sometimes we are even used as bait when traps are set in the capture of wild, magical, and dangerous creatures such as dragons and werewolves.
The ones who are left in our small group are Ricky, Tam, Wendal, Blu, Niko, and me. We don't have last names for none of us have families. Some were born without families. Others like me were unwanted and cast off as soon as possible, a blight in the good family name.
Here are some facts about us. Our “House” colours are shades of grays. All that means is that we wear the cast off clothing of the poorest people and only in dark or gray colors. No bright colors are allowed. It would do us no good to be noticed. Being noticed brings more pain and harm.
We have no fine robes to put on. There is no need as we are not allowed access of the classrooms. We have no wands for no wands would choose us .The last time one of us had tried to hold a wand, it zapped us.
Our “House” is located in one of the dungeons. It is the farthest dungeon located deep underground of the castle. It is forgotten as we are.
Born with a touch of magic but with no talent the Sorting Hat had rejected us before it touched our heads. I will never forget the isolation and shame as I had to walk back down the great Hall by myself several years ago after being rejected by all the great houses. All eyes had averted from me and suddenly I existed no more.
Yet I was not allowed to leave. Just that little bit of magic that I had, that my fellow mates had, could prove to be trouble some for the rest of the magical community and muggle community alike. We had to be contained and stowed a way. We are an eyesore that must be hidden away. These are our stories.

Kal looked up from where she has been writing by the light of a single candlestick and blinked her bleary eyes. Everyone else had gone. Probably to the Great Hall, she thought to herself as her stomach rumbled. Often, she and her fellow Duds would sneak to the Great Hall and glean crumbs left from the feast for the Quality. If she didn't hurry, she would go hungry for another day. Gingerly she set the faded diary down, careful of her burned hands, the result of a wand not wanting to be handled by a Dud.
Making her way slowly down the narrow dark passageway, she kept to the shadows mindful of the pain in her chest. With labored breath she struggled up the stairs, the events of that afternoon still fresh on her mind. She had meant to write them down before she forgot. It was for other Duds that she wrote for least they go through some of the events she and her other “House” mates went through.
Earlier that afternoon she had not been as careful as she should have been. Caught by a group of Slytherin students she had become a target for spell practice. Forced to endure spell after spell she had kept silent while they laughed.  When they were done she had lain quietly on the ground until they were gone.
Holding tightly to her side she wondered if it was worth it to continue to climb up the stairs for some food. More growling from her stomach answered her silent question. It seemed that not even a few possibly cracked ribs could keep her appetite away. Ignoring the cold hard stone under her bruised bare feet she pressed on.
At this time of day, the hallways of Hogwarts were empty, most of the Quality and staff were in their own dormitories, studying and relaxing. Even so Kal didn’t trust the safety of the shadows. Taking the hidden tunnels that so few knew about was the best choice. Along the way there were peep holes where spies of old would listen in on conversations. Now Kal used them to see if the coast was clear. Seeing no one around she opened the secret panel that was across from the doors of the Great Hall. Double checking to make sure no one was around she scurried like a rat across the floor and entered in cautiously. The sounds of food consumption could be heard and she knew before turning around she would see her companions sitting there on the floor surrounded by the scraps they had found. She hoped there would be some left for her.
“Bout time you got here Kal!” Niko grinned with mouthful of chicken. “If you don’t hurry the House Elves are gonna come and take away the rest of the food.”
His raggedy appearance was the same as hers. Thin and pale, his dark hair was a wild mass of tangles. Once she had tried to comb her own hair in an attempt to look presentable much to the enjoyment of the others. It had not worked. Instead the brush got knotted in her hair and she ended up having to hack away at sections of her wild mane. Now she was bald in some spots with a few remaining long strands of dark hair that half covered her awkward face.
Swiping a piece of bread she made her way over to him, always mindful of her surroundings.
“Where are the others?” She asked in a hushed tone as she sat down next to him.
“Already done eaten.” Niko said as he stole half her bread.
She made no move to recover it. Her sides were hurting so badly.
“I am so tired of this.” She murmured glumly.
“Of what?” Niko asked, unconcerned. His focus was now on a beautiful juicy red apple.
“I am tired of living this way.” She answered as she looked up at the darkened high ceiling.
Earlier she knew it had been alight with thousands of floating candles. Warm, bright, and magical the Great Hall had been inviting. Now it was cold, dank, and dark.
“No use thinking about it Kal.” He shrugged. “It’s our lot. Ain’t nothing is gonna change. By the way, you are more banged up then usual. Was it Slytherin this time? Or was it Ravenclaw like last time?”
He laughed at her while shaking his head. “You need to be more careful.”
“I thought I WAS being careful.” She retorted and angrily stuffed the bread into her mouth. “And I WILL make things change. Just you wait and see!”
Talking with her mouth full while making bold statements did not agree with her.  Lurching forward, her body racked with spasms as she coughed and choked.
Niko patted her back with a look of alarm. His eyes swept towards the door nervously.
“Kal! You are gonna get us caught!” He hissed.
But even as her violent coughing subsided he knew it was too late. The grand doors of the Great hall were opening. Someone was coming!


  1. Wow Kal!
    That's amazing!
    I love the concept of Hogwarts' Hidden House! It's so sad, yet immensely powerful, which brings it to pure awesomeness!
    Can't wait for more! :D


    *grins like an idiot* I remember when the rejects were still in action. Me, another girl and a boy in my grade, and three boys from the grade above us. No one would choose us for cross country exercises. WE WERE THE REJECTS! And we plotted in the shadows and talked amidst ourselves and destroyed bananas (Don't ask. I ended up stepping on it after the boy from my grade dropped it).

    Ha haaaa, I can only imagine who it is that will come through the door. WAIT! WAAAAAIT! Octa! Maybe Octa! NO!


  3. Very well written :D Cant wait to read more!! Very suspenseful at the end. Hurry up and write more soon! :D *hugs*

  4. This is excellent, Kal! A beautiful writer, you are. And you always write with such imagination and passion.

    This is a particularly thrilling story! I love it. Please continue! It is really quite imaginative. *hugs* you are such a talented writer! :D

  5. Damn...

    You did a wonderful job, my friend. This is artfully done and the storyline is very intriguing. I can't wait for more.

    I would also like to pull some wand-fu on those Slytherin and Ravenclaw menaces... Dear me, I'll have to turn on my own house...

    In any case my name on Pottermore is WillowStone820. Again, best they had.

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

  6. Kal, this is beautiful. Written perfectly, as all your writing is. This is so imaginative, an entire 5th house of rejects, unspoken of and dissed. I would like to see how Kal manages to change the opinions of everyone who dares to think less of another person and treat them like subhumans.
    Great suspense at the ending, I can't wait for more! *hugs*

  7. My dearest this is so beautiful, magical and phenomenal. You are a talented writer and just brilliant with words and ideas. A haunting and suspenseful tale which I can't wait to read more of.

    *hugs tightly*

  8. MAGICAL!!! :P in all sense of the word, Kal!!

    this idea is so original!! its amazing- love the whole thing! can't wait to see who's coming...!!

    :O and Ravenclaw's being mean!? *not moi*


  9. I don't really understand (since I've barely watched any of the Harry Potter films and have never read the books) but it's cool. ^^

  10. ~rolls eyes at Dragona~
    It's not hard to understand.

    ANNYWAY, Kal, that was AWESOME!
    I love how you come up with such incredibly original and unexpected ideas! They're BRILLIANT!
    And your stories are always so easy to read! They're so interesting, catchy, and smooth! I LOVE it! :D

  11. Oh, by the way, I'm sorry it's taken me so long lately to read your stuff. I have bad memory and keep forgetting :(
    Please, if I ever take a while to read something, remind me because I really DO want to read it! :D