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Harry Potter FF Part Two

The doors to the Great Hall opened and in swept Tam and Wendal like leaves being blown about before a ominous tornado. Faces stricken with panic they made a bead line for Niko and Kal not pausing as they reach them. Instead the boys grabbed Niko and Kal by the arms and hulled them to their feet, rushing them to the opposite side of the Hall towards a smaller door.
“They are coming! The Headmaster and some of the Prefects!” Tam hissed under his breath at Kal's fearful questioning look. “Look! Even the house elves are in a panic.”
Kal barely managed a look over her shoulder to see the scraps of food left on the table disappear before she was shoved through the door. It closed abruptly but not before she caught a glimpse of the Headmaster striding in followed by a few slightly smaller figured in robes, presumably the Prefects as Tam said.
“What do you suppose....” Kal began, bewildered and looked around. They were in a small office with shelves full of books.
“Shhhh!” Tam responded, pressing his finger in warning against her lips while he pressed his ear to the door, listening.
Disconcerted, she looked cross eyed down at his finger which was still there on her mouth. Removing herself from his offending finger she glared at him then shoved Niko out of the way so she could listen in on the conversation inside the Hall too.
“I can't tell what they are saying!” Kal whispered in irritation as she repositioned herself several times before she was yanked back by Niko. He took her place by the door.
Kal was back on him in an instant. Wendal rolled his eyes as Kal and Niko engaged in a brief scuffle.
“Get off you booger!” Kal hissed as Niko pulled on her straggly hair while they rolled around on the floor, bumping into the shelves.
Tam ignored them all and continued to listen intently, leaving it to Wendal to handle them. Wendal did his job faithfully, rolling his eyes as he managed to pull them apart, trapping them both in a headlock.
“Thanks, you guys! Now I am missing what is happening.” Wendal growled at them.
“Sorry Wendal.” Niko simpered apolitically.
Kal sneered at him and reached around Wendal to honk his nose.
“Where are Blu and Ricky?” Tam asked, suddenly there beside them all. “We gotta get going! We've got trouble!”
“Dunno.” Tam answered, swinging his foot behind Wendal to kick Kal in the butt.
It was hard enough to knock her out of Wendal's headlock and propel her forward and onto the floor.
“Ooof!” The sound was knocked out of her.
“Brats.” Tam muttered as he headed towards the hidden panel. He slipped in leaving the others to follow.
Kal was too slow. The panel slipped back automaticly behind Wendal leaving her alone as she got up from the floor. Franticly she looked for the concealed lever that would allow her to re open the passage.
“Well, well, well.” A smooth voice startled her.
Whipping around startled, Kal quickly assumed the position of a Dud when faced with Quality: standing still with head down and eyes lowered.
A Ravenclaw stood before her, the most beautiful girl in the school. Serena Sinclair was everything Kal was not. Long silky black hair framed a perfect face that was graced with wide blue eyes fringed with long black eyelashes that had all the boys besotted. Soft pink lips formed in a mocking smile as Serena took in the pathetic figure before her.
“What have we here?” She asked as she walked closer, her voice was as lovely as she was. “Seems the rats are out to play.”
Kal said nothing as it was forbidden.
“On your knees Dud!” Serena demanded, every inch a princess. “I have need of that book up there.”
Kal knew the girl could have gotten the book herself using her wand, if indeed she wanted the book in the first place. But that was not Serena's objective and Kal knew that. Without hesitation she got on her hands and knees. She had done this before. All she had to do was everything demanded of her quietly and then she was sure she would be left alone. Cruel jabs to her back told her this would not be a quick episode but a long torturous one. Even though she was tiny and light in weight, the heels of Serena's boots dug into her back as she took her time getting the book. Beads of sweat lined Kal's tense face as she breathed carefully, struggling to keep still and keep Serena supported. It would be to her further harm if anything bad happened to Serena, who was so dearly loved and admired by everyone.
But Serena had other plans. As if a careless gesture, she let her wand slip from her fingers and fall onto Kal. The reaction was instantaneous.  Sparks spit out of the wand, a typical reaction when a Dud came in contact with any wand. Burning pain shot through Kal where ever the sparks landed; her head, face, back and arms. Try as she might she could not keep from flinching and crying out a scream of terror and anguish. The impact of her movement sent Serena teetering precariously on her back, the booted heals doing further injury.  Even through her agony Kal experienced a dread as she became aware that Serena had fallen off her bony back. It didn’t matter that Serena was ok and had landed safely in a soft sofa chair. The penalty for failing a Quality would be a harsh one. Fear manifested in large quantities as she looked at Serena’s smug features. It became apparent to her then that this was all that Serena had wanted. But why? The answer came a few moments later.
In walked a tall robed figure, the Prefect from Ravenclaw. At the sight of him Serena’s gorgeous blue eyes filled with tears and her body racked with sobs. In a rush the prefect was at her side. Tenderly he gathered her up in his arms.
“Serena, my dear! What happened?”
Kal should have made her move then and fled from them both towards safety. But she was transfixed to the spot where she sat huddled, trying to recover from the pain.  She knew who this was. In awe she had often watched him from the shadows. Even though he was young his fame was spreading across the wizarding world as a master poet, writer, and Quidditch player. Everything he did was like gold. He was the Purple Poet. His name was too good to be spoken by the likes of her.
“Oh, Octaboona!” Serena sobbed delicately into his shoulder. “That THING! That Dud attacked me!” Serena pointed dramatically towards the wretched figure on the ground.
Octaboona barely gave the woebegone figure a glace. Instead he picked her up and carried her from the room.
“There, there. It will be alright. Lets first get you back in the dorm then I will deal with the Dud later.” He assured her in soft tones.
He walked out through the second door, the same one Serena had entered in earlier.  It led out into a side hall which led into the main one.  In a quick pace he rounded the corner and almost ran smack into a fellow Ravenclaw. The boy was smiling a very pleased smile while straightening his tie. Octa noticed a few lipstick marks on his face. Suspicious he glanced the other way just in time to see a beautiful redhead disappearing though another door.
“Well, this seems to be a night in which the Ravenclaws are playing about rather then studying.” Octa teased with raised eyebrows.
“Speak for yourself, Octaboona.” Niall retorted, eyeing Serena in his arms pointedly.
“Hello Niall.” Serena smiled coyly and winked at him.
“Hello Serena.” Niall returned cordially but went no further.
It seemed he was one of few boys in school who were not smitten with her. For only an instant she pouted while thinking dark thoughts against Venice, the love of Niall. Then she tried another tactic.
“Oh, Niall! I was just attacked by a Dud!”
Niall raised his eyebrows in question at Octaboona.
“It’s true.” Octa replied grimly. “I saw the Dud myself just now. I will take care of it but first must get Serena back to the dormitory. She has had a nasty shock.”
“Why don’t you let me take care of it Octaboona.” Niall said as he pulled out his wand, striding back towards from where Octaboona had come. “You take care of Serena. If you see Ven please tell her I will be along shortly.”
Before Octa had a chance to answer, Niall was walking away with his wand ready.
By the time he got to the room where the sighting of a Dud had been, he saw no sign of it. One thing he knew and that was if the Duds were making themselves more known to the rest of Hogwarts, it would spell trouble for all of them, especially with the International Quidditch competition happening the next week. So may things were happening at once and the Ministry of Magic was placing it all on Hogwarts to be a perfect host to all the delegates who would come. Nothing could go wrong.

Just on the other side of the room, Kal hid in the passageway peering out at the dark haired boy who had come in with a determined look on his face. Shuddering she was glad she had made it backing time to the passageway. Turning away she limped back down the dark tunnel to where the rest of her mates were, holding burned arms around her sore middle.
When she got back to the dungeon that was home, she saw with relief that both Ricky and Blu were back. Both were the Dud’s newest additions. Still very young the two girls found them selves taken under Kal’s wing. So far they had managed to escape the wrath and humiliation of being a Dud. Kal hoped to keep it that way.
All eyes were on her as she gingerly made her way to the corner she had long claimed as her own. With a shuddering sigh she sank against the damp wall carefully, but she did not cry. Long ago it had been decided that tears were a wasted thing and while there was always encouragement to stay away from the Quality, there was no comfort when one failed and became an object of ridicule. Comfort bred the belief that one was important and thinking that one was important would lead to more crushing shame and grief. So Kal sat in her corner quietly while the others talked among themselves about what Tam had overheard.
“As we all know in a few days it will be Parent’s day then the Quidditch Tournaments. I have said it once and will say it again. Stay in the passageways. Do not attempt to go out into the open, even if the shadows appear deep and thick. There will be too many people about.” Tam urged them all.
“What about food?” Blue asked with big eyes.
Kal snuck a sidelong glance at the eleven year old girl wondering for the thousandth time of how it would have been so different for the girl had she not gotten burned as a toddler. Remnants of a beauty still hung about Blu’s tiny face marred by the scar across her features. Not wanting to look at her again Blu’s mother had sent her away to an orphanage, taking away even her name. Blu had gotten her  new name for the color she had turned while waiting outside the orphanage’s doors in the cold.
“We have been through tougher times Blu.” Tam spoke firmly to her. “We will stock pile what we can for the next few days so that we can be prepared. But if you are not careful you will become like Kal.”
Kal raised her head then and glared at him.
“I WILL make things better for them. Just you wait and see!”
“Go to bed Kal.” Wendal advised and laid himself down on his cot. “It’s impossible to be something that you are not. Can’t fight destiny. Now lets all get some sleep.”
Like lambs everyone did as Wendal suggested. Except for Kal. She sat all night with aching head in her hand thinking about her dream.
Early the next morning while the others waiting on the passageway like carrion crows for the Quality to finish their delicious breakfast and leave, Kal snuck towards the classroom where potions were taught. All she needed was a few supplies. She had read all about it in a book cast off long ago. If done right, the potion would aid her in a disguise to escape her treacherous life. If she was lucky, maybe she could get close to the Purple Poet.
Suddenly a shout ripped through the Hall echoing alarmingly. Kal whirled around in fear and shock that she had been caught. Then suddenly she was knocked into the air and tossed back into the hard floor of the castle. Gasping for air she struggled to remain conscious despite the pain in her head. It overtook every other injury at that moment.
A girl with long brown hair stood over her with a look of concern.
“Sorry about that.” She said in a friendly voice. 
“You are American.” Kal spoke, stunning herself with her nerve. She had just spoken to a Quality!
“I am!” The girl responded with a smile, apparently unaware she was talking with a Dud.
She must be new, Kal thought as she tried to sit up. Observing the girl, Kal noticed she was wearing the colors of a Slytherin.
“I am so sorry you got hurt.” The girl said with sympathy as she helped Kal up. “I was just messing around with a couple other friends. I guess we got a little carried away.”
The girl was joined by a couple Gryffindors and a Hufflepuff.
“There is a big match this weekend and I heard that talent scouts for Internationals teams are going to be watching, maybe to recruit.” The girl rattled on as she dusted Kal off.
“Uh, Lizzy.” One girl said under her breath to the Slytherin. “That is a Dud.”
“A Dud?” The girl, Lizzy laughed. “What’s a dud? You mean a milk dud?”
“A Dud is a witch or wizard who has a little bit of magic but no talent or power to wield it.” The Hufflepuff answered.
The Hufflepuff was tiny and appeared to be wearing glitter anywhere she could.
“That’s nonsense Mar and Lego. You don’t really believe that do you? What about  you, Thalia?”
The third girl who had approached looked up then from a book she was reading.
“What?” She asked, startled looking up from her book. “Where are we? How did I end up here?”
“I didn’t come up with it.” Lego shrugged. “I was just told about them when I arrived here. Never did see one before though.”
“You should be more careful with that blunger, Mar.” Lizzy said to the other girl as she jumped up to get the still bouncing ball from mid air. “Besides, your little stunt did nothing to impress me with your skills. I will still beat you in tomorrow’s game!”
Lizzy smiled mischievously as she looked at her friend, the Gryffindor’s Seeker.
Mar just grinned back wickedly and skipped off.  “We will see about that Lizzy, dear! Good luck with the Dud!”
Thalia wandered off after Mar immersed back in the book. Lego shrugged and walked off after them.
“You coming, Lizzy?” She asked, hopefully.
“Yep. In just a moment.” Lizzy said as she studied the Dud in front of her.
“I know!” Lizzy piped up suddenly making Kal jump.
She had kind of hoped Lizzy’s attention would go elsewhere and she could escape.
Instead Lizzy took out her wand and pointed it at Kal. The Dud felt her insides turned to jello in fear.
Then Lizzy did the unthinkable. She called out a spell, waved her wand with a flourish and all the missing hair on Kal’s head reappeared.
One of the Quality had just helped her; a Dud!
“I don’t know what happened to make your hair all spazzed out sweetie. But I recommend you avoid all that from now on!” Lizzy smiled and winked.
A second burst of light suddenly appeared and struck Kal in the head.
“This school needs more sparkle.” Lego said from up ahead where she was peering around the corner, eyeing them all with a matter of fact expression. Her wand was lowed after a job well done.
“Oh, Lego!” Lizzy cried out in astonishment as she viewed Lego’s handiwork. “You turned her hair PURPLE! And SPARKLY!”
“What is wrong with that?” Lego asked mildly as she inspected her own sparkly fingernails.
An announcement broke in on their interlude then by one of Hogwarts staff, speaking through magic so that she could be heard by everyone everywhere.
“All students are to meet back in the Great Hall in an hour to meet up with parents.” The voice said then droned on. “Also, would Legolas please refrain form using the sparkle spell to make Hogwarts glitter. All Herbology students in the advanced course are asked to come to the class room immediately to assist Professor Sprout in stopping the spelled tulips from dancing and creating further havoc. That is all.”
“Oh, Lego! You didn’t!” Lizzy cried out in a cross between admiration and shocked as Lego walked back towards her friend.
“I was bored.” Lego shrugged. “I really didn’t mean to make the tulips dance. I was just trying to change them all into ponies. We need ponies here. Pretty sparkly ones!”
Lizzy laughed and they high fived with their wands.
“We better get going if we don’t want to be late.” Lizzy said as she raced down the hall where Mar and Thalia had disappeared a few minutes ago. “You coming?”
She had stopped long enough to look at a dazed Kal who was busy running her hands through her newly restored purple sparkly hair.
“I…I…I am not allowed.” Kal stammered humbly looking down once again.
“Nonsense.” Lizzy said, walking back to her while taking off her robe. “Here, take this and wear it. I have another I can use. Live a little, girl. You can’t go back to the shadows now. Your hair is all purple and sparkly!”
“What IS your name, Dud?” Lego asked, not unkindly.
“Kal.” She answered simply.
“No. Not Kal, but Kallista.” Lego decided for the Dud. “Kallista means beautiful. Your hair is beautiful now. Better take the time to enjoy it now cause the Sparkle spell wears off after a couple hours.”
Kal watched in disbelief as Lizzy and Lego walked off. The whole encounter had just given her another idea, one she was sure would not fail, but she would need to act soon.


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