Tuesday, October 11, 2011


To all my fellow SP minions! I am posting about Derek's EPICA contest on here as well as my Facebook page.
I can NOT tell you how AMAZING and HOW excited I am of this opportunity! I mean, for the 1st time ever, I and many others will have a chance to get a book that was signed by DEREK LANDY. Not just any book. But a book with a cover done by Tom himself! WOW OH WOW!
To add to my excitement, I am excited about getting the latest book as I do not have it yet! IT'S ALL SO AMAZING!
Here is the Link to check out! YOU MUST DO SO AND BE BLEST FOREVER!

Warning:  Even though I will be glad for all the winners chosen, if I am not chosen, I will take some time off to mourn bitterly at my lost. Just a warning in case I disappear in November.

Hmm...November 14 is my birthday. What a gift this would be indeed! :D