Monday, April 11, 2011

Kallista Meets Sam

The night sounds drifted through the open window as Kallista Pendragon stood at the sink and looked out at the scene below her third story apartment. Raindrops from a previous storm dripped off the lampposts out front and briefly glowed in the light before falling to the pavement below. All was quiet in that early Spring evening. Just the way Kallista liked it. A smile played about her lips as she brushed back a stray strand of deep black hair that has some how gotten loose from her Japanese hair pins.

Lightning flared in the distance lighting up the night sky, announcing that another storm was on its way. Breathing deeply she took in the delicious scents of rain soaked earth carried in by the gentle breeze. Somewhere nearby a neighbor had their radio on and the indistinct sounds of music gave further testimony to the arrival of Spring. More and more people where drifting outside these days and lingering until the late hours of the night, enjoying the warming days.

Tonight would be different though.  The gentle wind began to grow in intensity as the storm drew near. Above in the heavens the clouds gathered and covered the beauty of the twinkling stars. People would be forced to go indoors.

Smiling happily Kallista hummed to herself as she moved gracefully past the gleaming granite counter tops of her luxurious apartment and onto the roomy balcony just beyond the huge French doors. Here she felt safe and sheltered. The elaborate massive brick building once housed the insane people of that community more then a century ago. For a brief time it had then become vacant until at last with the vision of a wealthy developer, it had become luxury apartments. Situated downtown and close to the bay, it had become a desired resident for many wealthy people. Kallista felt very lucky to have gotten one of the best apartments. It certainly helped that she knew the developer and had saved his life.

A year ago, Fred Zenner had almost become dinner for a pair of hungry zombies when a young beautiful girl had come up and disposed of them effortlessly with what looked to be a Samurai sword. He had looked on astounded that a girl should have a sword in the first place and that someone as delicate looking as she was could wield it with such high skill.

She never said anything to him that night. She had merely smiled with a playfulness that matched the twinkle in her big blue green eyes then disappeared into the night. He never saw her again until a few months ago. She had mysteriously appeared before him and asked for a place to sleep. He knew at once what he wanted to do. He gave her the best apartment in the building for free. Or at least he tried to. But she insisted on giving him payment. It was not enough to cover the entire cost of such a place but he didn’t care. He took the money knowing he would insult her if he did not. Where a young girl got money like that he didn’t know and was not about to ask.

Kallista closed her eyes at the memory. She could read him like an open book. But then again, she could read most people, how they felt or what they were thinking.

Rain began to fall gently as thunder rumbled in the background. Lifting her chin she raised it to the wind, letting it swirl about her caressing her face. Laughter bubbled up inside her as the wind picked up and the rain intensified. Thunder and lightning called back and forth to each other in a dramatic display. Kallista could feel her magic rising within her to meet with this force of nature and dance with it

Then a wrongness slipped in, a feeling of discord amidst the symphony of life. Slowly and cautiously she lowered her arms and concentrated on the source. Selectively she closed off all other sounds and listened. There it was again, the sound of someone or something struggling. Whipping her head around she pinpointed the object of the cacophony. Among the shadows a figure moved, human shape but Kallista knew at once he was not.

Without a second thought she vaulted off the porch and onto the ground easily, thanks to her ninja training. Her soft slippers sank into the muddy ground beside the driveway as she purposefully tracked the figure who by now had spotted her and was struggling to get away. Already she had her samurai sword out and held it ready for the kill as she closed in.

He looked up then unafraid but pain showing in his brown eyes. For a brief moment his eyes shown red and Kallista understood. Steadily Kallista lowered her sword but stayed ready. One never knew what to expect from a vampire. Especially one who was suffering as the one before her now.

“You need blood.” She stated bluntly. “But despite all the easy targets around you go hungry. Why?”

She already knew the answer. She had seen it in his face.

“That’s not how I am.” He responded and stood up to face her despite his deepening agony. If she was to kill him, he would face it as an equal and not hovering on the damp earth.

Tilting her head a bit she studied him for a moment, noting his dark wet hair and tattered cloths, then she spoke.

“Relax. I’m not going to kill you.”

In amazement he watched as she lifted the edge of her kimono revealing the slender white skin of her sword arm. It was all he could do not to tear into her at that moment.

“What are you doing?” He cried out in fear and anger, his hunger gnawing at him sharply.

“I’m going to let you have some of my blood.” She replied unfazed by his wrath and smiled secretly. “You need to survive don’t you?”

“I will KILL you!” He warned and groaned as his fangs ached painfully.

“NO you won’t.” She told him, the truth shining in her eyes. “I’m not entirely human myself and have magic to help me. I will be able to pull you away.”

He could not help himself. He grabbed her arm and began to feast with great intensity. For a while he was aware of nothing other then his own hunger being abated. Then as he began to feel at ease again, the pain lessening, he became attentive of a sweet sound. The girl was chanting and singing softly an ancient song of power that was keeping her alive while he ate.

“All done?” She asked softly as he finally let go.

“Yes.” He replied. “Who are you?”

“You first!” She spoke playfully to him as she lowered her sleeve again.

“I’m Sam. Sam Willows.” He nodded to her. “Why did you help me?”

“Kallista Pendragon.” Was all she responded. “I helped you because it was the right thing to do.”

This is what I wrote for Trohyman for his contest to be in his story.What do you think?  It is actually part of the SP fanfic but I did not want it on that blog.