Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twisted Christmas: Story Ideas

I want to hear from YOU!!!!
If you have been following my story you will probably agree it is a tad depressing. I was going to kill off Kallista in the most pathetic and undignified way possible but have changed it slightly so that I will not anger some of you. LL
But I would like to hear from you, my awesome readers, as to what should happen next to Kallista. I don't want her story to end yet. Also. Please put down if you want to be in the story and what role/relationship you would like to have with Kallista.
Example. Do you want to be a cop who arrests bad ass Kallista or a street thug who beats her up....ect.
I do have an ending where you all will be in it but wanted to add you all in a bit more.
So, please! Give me your thoughts and ideas in the comment section!
Thanks all!!!


  1. I don't think you should die. It'd depressing enough as it is. And your talking to ME :P something I really don't need :P I think she should get in some trouble with the law, be wanted by the FBI or something like that. Be a fugitive who gets abandoned by everyone except for her friends and has to change place every few days. It would be a good twist. Could I be in it? Please? Could I be like a Villain? But a good one? Who helps Kallista? Could I drive Dragona's BLACK Porsche 911 GT3 RS? Could I have a gold metal helmet with a black visor which is highly cool and technological? Just a thought... Ooh, and could I have armour with a Nanite layre in so when it becomes damaged it heals? And could I have an electric gun which fires arks of electric and can either kill or stun people... if you don't want to add me in, it's fine :P

  2. Dragona: I think you may have the Genre of this story a little bit confused here :P

    Kallista: I'm still blown away about how cool it was reading the way you wrote about me. And you included my bike and the whole super-blue eyes thing!! "I'm your friend. I am Thor"
    That was so COOL!!!

    I would suggest maybe a bit of mistaken identity. Like maybe the goverment thinks you did something u didnt do cause somebody framed you. And Dragona's on-the-run idea was cool. Maybe throw in some stand off shoot out type scenes. That would be cool.

    Also: I suggest keeping ME as a character in it. Cause lets all be honest here. I rock :) I really liked how mysterious i was.

  3. Thor, I know the genre of this story perfectly well... I just suppose it would be a little twist :P

  4. Well how the story goes really is about your preference of writing style i guess, my input really wouldnt matter because i see myself as more of a fantasy/sci-fi/adventure 'writer' (and i use the word writer very loosely)

    But if you wanted, my character could be someone who sees the police chasing Kallista, drives up speedily and very deftly, performs an amazing turn, perfectly stopping next to Kallista, throws open door and asks to get in..

    Idk could provide refuge or a safe-spot for Kallista, in a huge estate....or in a modern and spacious apartment building, but yeah, gives Kallista shelter, money, food, etc...

  5. Oh btw Kallista, if you DO add me in, it doesn't matter about the high-tech stuff... just put me as a guy wearing a gold helmet with a black visor, armour and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and a electricity gun... but the gun doesn't matter much either... maybe swords or something... I don't mind... it would ruin the feel of the story for high-tech stuff so it doesn't matter about it.

  6. Just keep writing how you are now Kallista and it will be great ... I cant really think up any idea as I'm usless at that type of stuff but I'm sure everyone els has a lot to offer

  7. Can you add me in? But what role?

    I'd love to be a villain. But not a thuggish one. Like the bad villains in H.I.V.E I suppose. I don't know if you've read H.I.V.E

    But a suave evil mysterious villain. But I don't think that suits the Octaboona I have created.

    So I give you permission to create a brand new Octaboona. But he has to be younger than mine.

  8. I love following the story!
    But I think maybe you should add in a double and maybe that double gets killed instead.....

    ...or maybe I'm just obsessed with doubles right now.

    Any way, if I was actually in this, (which I would LOVE!)I'd probably like to be one of those kind of mysterious people, or one of those peeps hiding some dark, twisted secret...

    Yeah, that'd be AWESOME!

  9. I agree Octa. I would like to be like one of the Villain's from H.I.V.E as well... they are really cool. Thuggish ones I don't like but ones like them I do :P

  10. I think that Kallista should be at the doors of death, but Octaboona comes and rescues her. They become friends (with benefits? ;]) but at the last second it revealed that Octa is working with the bad guys and he betrays Kallista. then something dramatic happens ending up with people dead and Kallista heartbroken.

  11. i dunno really
    she gets into a crazy rage and blows up something?

  12. IW ANT TO BE IN THE STORY PICK ME!!!!! *starts waving hand around so it looks like its about to pop off* If i am put in the story i want to be like my OC if you remeber then you wont have to read on but if you dont let me give you the throw down of me!

    Im 5'5" *meh thts short but whatever* Long brown hair that is very loose curls, almost emerald green eyes, skinny ish, i wear a black coat like vals but its only black i have special bespoke made jeans and a t-shirt *what ever to the shirt make it whatever color you want or design* and i have boots of sorts my weapon is a sword my broad sword to be exact has a ribon at the handle very pretty yet dangerous like me! age is somewhere between 15-19 you decide umm thats bout it i want to fight people just not kallista so im guessing not the bad guy XP and yeah i dont know the rest is up to you!

  13. I wish to remain in the story. And i'd rather not get killed off if at all possible. I suppose you could have me sacrifice myself to save you or something along those lines. It would sort of fit this version of me.

  14. You should make Kallista do some bad-ass stunts and escape moves at an airport, being chased by police, and then that's when you can intro one of us to the scene, steping off of the plane and then spoting a familiar girl runnning for their life.

  15. i like what about....

  16. it would be really cool if i could be in it, but i really don't mind. Your writing is AWESOME! hurry up and write the next bit!

  17. I would like to be in it... I just don't have any ideas on HOW tho, 'specially at this time of night.

  18. Holy Cheesles! I just thought of an idea! And I'm quite sure that my mind stopped thinking an hour ago!

    We ALL do a short story of hour character on Christmas, and then the next part of your story, Kal, ties all of them together.
    But we all have to be doings something bad-ass. I had this thought that maybe Israel could be drinking his heart out at the local pub, half drunk. And then, I dunno, he gets into a barfight, escapes, and here's the sirens of the police cars after Kallista. He thinks that the police are after him for the fight, and he legs it, running in no set direction.
    And then, at the end of every story, the last sentence is "And then so and so (character's name) saw a lone figure up ahead", the lone figure being Kallista.

    And then you tie it up, them all facing the cops together, no-where to run.

    Also, Lenka has already written her story, well, most of it, anyway.

    I think my iPod's going to destroy itself from overuse soon....bye!

  19. Spelling errors... I mean 'our' in the first line.

  20. Kallista, thankyou for the kind message on my blog :D it was incredibly sweet of you!
    i have left a reply there. sorry its a tad short but im being forced to go to an art class so i font have much time
    ur a great friend kallista ;)

  21. Hi Kallista. Can i be in your story? if you dont mind, of course. I would like to be an assassin who attempts to kill you, but doesent. Of course, you can say no, i'd just really like to. Thanks!

  22. I am hopefully going 2 add on 2 Bio-rama, so then my thingy will b on there 4 u!




    *cough cough*

  24. LOL HEllboy!

    *gets her own barrel of limes ready for Hellboy*
    Ain't nobody going to beat Kallista Pendragon in a lime throwing compitition! :P

  25. Is the limes thing cause of my blog? Cause if it is, smile :P

    I would love to be a friend in your story, Kallista. I totally understand if I'm not in it though :) but, y'know, it would be pretty cool. I've never been in anyone's fanfic before ;)

  26. actually, i changed my mind. can i be a friend instead?