Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twisted Christmas: Story Ideas

I want to hear from YOU!!!!
If you have been following my story you will probably agree it is a tad depressing. I was going to kill off Kallista in the most pathetic and undignified way possible but have changed it slightly so that I will not anger some of you. LL
But I would like to hear from you, my awesome readers, as to what should happen next to Kallista. I don't want her story to end yet. Also. Please put down if you want to be in the story and what role/relationship you would like to have with Kallista.
Example. Do you want to be a cop who arrests bad ass Kallista or a street thug who beats her up....ect.
I do have an ending where you all will be in it but wanted to add you all in a bit more.
So, please! Give me your thoughts and ideas in the comment section!
Thanks all!!!