Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twisted Christmas 4

A sorry excuse fore a human made its way down the silent road that lay just beyond the busy freeway. Bruised, tattered and torn Kallista knew she would be an easy target for who ever lurked in the dark of the night. She did her best to avoid the shadowy places unsure of what threat that may be hidden there. Yet she managed to stay just outside the light of the bright streetlamps, her thoughts on the dark haired stranger who had just rescued her.

A sound of laughter reached her ears as she rounded the corner heading for a row of shops. Before her a group of girls stood, chatting happily one another. They seemed to be looking at something that the one girl was holding.

Kallista continued to walk forward uninterested until a word spoken snapped through her consciousness like a burning flame. Someone said her name! Darting another quick and nervous look their way she was shocked to find all had gone silent and were now eyeing her knowingly. It was then she also saw what the one girl was holding. It was a gun! …..and it was PINK! Her alarm grew further as she saw a picture of her held in the other girl’s hand.

“Is that her? Thor said she was on her way here.” One girl murmured to the others.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t look like her.” Another girl replied doubtfully.

“If it IS her maybe we can turn her in and get that reward the police are offering for her!” Another girl replied with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“DARKANE!!” The girls all yelled in unison.

“What?” Darkane answered innocently. “Just think of all that money!”

The girl holding the pink gun rolled her eyes and stepped out to talk to Kallista.

“Hello Kallista. Nice…uh…..hairdo.” She finished lamely.

The girl was interrupted by the roaring of a car fast approaching. It slid into a parking space sending a wave of dirty cold sludge over Kallista.

A tall boy with spiky brown hair got out of the drivers side and grinned at all the other girls.

“There you are. I was trying to find you.” He grinned.

“Dragona.” The girl with the gun smiled and shook her head.

“Anyone see Aquila?” He asked cheerfully then did a double take at the mud covered figure near his priceless car. “What the heck is THAT? Get away from my car!”

He threw something at the muddy threat and it caught the figure right in the chest. Kallista flew backwards and hit the side of a brick wall. A mountain of snow from the roof above was loosened and fell on her like an avalanche.

“Well, that takes care of THAT!” Dragona said happily as he joined his other friends.

He started to say something else but Kallista shook of her fright, scrambles out of the pile of snow and ducked through a doorway of the closest store. The musty smell of old books greeted her as she briefly took in her new surroundings. Gleaming wood floors with rows and rows of full bookshelves met her gaze where ever she looked. A quaint fireplace was in one corner of the room with two comfortable chairs in front. The fire flickered merrily from its safe place filling the store with cozy warmth.

Ducking behind a row of books she made her way towards the back aware that the girl with the pink gun had followed her inside.

Through the narrow slit of the shelves just above the row of books she could see two people in front who sat on tall stools chatting with each other as they looked through volume after volume of books.

The boy kept looking up and would give the beautiful redhead lingering soft glances. An idea formed in Kallista’s head as she made her way towards the two in front mindful of the girl behind her making her way closer to her.

It was obvious to her that the two in front were in a special relationship and Kallista found that particularly useful.

Walking nonchalant along the rich brown wood of the checkout desk she stealthily palmed the letter opener that rested on the counter.

Slipping behind the redhead she wrapped her arms around the girl and held the sharp letter opener to her pale throat. Whipping her about and using her as a shield she faced the two people with a leer. If she was going to be treated like a criminal she might as well act like it.

“Stay back or else the girl gets it!” She snarled.

Rage showed through the once calm demeanor of the boy as he glared at her.

“Lay one hand on my Ven’s head and you will wish you had never been born!” He breathed fiercely in a rich Irish accent.

If only he knew she already regretted it.

“Is this who I think it is?” The girl spoke beautifully in a proper English accent. “Oh dear, I wish I was wearing my red dress.”

Kallista did a double take and wondered why the girl was not so concerned.

“That thing?” Niall questioned gesturing towards Kallista. “No. I don’t believe it. This is some kind of wasted humanoid guttershit that needs to be taken care if. Now get your filthy hands of my woman before you regret it!”

He vaulted over the counter and landed next to the girl with the pink gun.

“If I may please borrow your gun for a moment Lizzy I would like to get rid of some garbage in my store.”

“Wait!” Lizzy spoke up then continued, speaking in a low voice to him. “Ven is right in her guess. This is Kal. But not the one we know. Not anymore.”

Niall widened his eyes at the one who held his love so forcefully.

“I will never forgive you Kal if you hurt her.” He spoke softer trying to hide the hate in his eyes and appeal to the one they all thought they once knew.

In her arms Ven became more rigid and Kal could feel the fury of the girl rising.

“You let me go now Kallista.” There was no mistaking the steel in her voice. “Just a warning, I am no fainting court lady. I can take you down easily. Now, no more upsetting my Niall.”

Staring into the steely eyes of the other two and feeling the fury of the one in her arms, Kallista felt confused and realized the situation had grown beyond her capabilities. 

Niall grabbed Lizzy’s pink rifle and aimed it.

“Let Ven go Kallista.” He spoke with deadly force.

“Don’t worry Niall. I’ve got this.” An Australian voice said from behind her.

Startled, Kal turned around only to be struck across the fast with a rock hard fist.

The lights began to dim as she fell to the floor. Hellboy stepped back out of the way watching with hands in his pockets as the tattered figure fell.

“You are going to have to clean again in here Niall.” He spoke to his friend.

But Niall was to busy holding Ven in an embrace and making sure she was all right.

Lizzy was now holding her gun again and gave Niall a little dirty look for snatching it away.

“Now. What do we do with THAT?” Hellboy asked as he nudged the unconscious figure with his boot.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


To all my fellow SP minions! I am posting about Derek's EPICA contest on here as well as my Facebook page.
I can NOT tell you how AMAZING and HOW excited I am of this opportunity! I mean, for the 1st time ever, I and many others will have a chance to get a book that was signed by DEREK LANDY. Not just any book. But a book with a cover done by Tom himself! WOW OH WOW!
To add to my excitement, I am excited about getting the latest book as I do not have it yet! IT'S ALL SO AMAZING!
Here is the Link to check out! YOU MUST DO SO AND BE BLEST FOREVER!

Warning:  Even though I will be glad for all the winners chosen, if I am not chosen, I will take some time off to mourn bitterly at my lost. Just a warning in case I disappear in November.

Hmm...November 14 is my birthday. What a gift this would be indeed! :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kill me with a spoon

Take a spoon and stab it in my heart it would be a kindness.
I don't want anymore of  your words I don't want more of your looks. They sicken me with it's deception , hypocrisy and self righteousness.
I have done wrong that is true. But why could you have not taken the time to guide and correct and show me your love? Instead you bark out orders and sneer at me when I struggle. You label me a fool, stupid, and incapable. So when I fall into trouble is it any wonder? I stumbled by mistake and took the fall alone. So fine. I will will be punished. It would have been easier if you had told me what would happen.If you could have told me witout malice and hate.
How often have you changed your story?
It confuses me and fill me with a hurt and frustration to hard to bare. But I had to bare it. You saw were satisfied and  looked away.
In front of others you were gracious and kind.. That showed me that you did now how and you did understand. My mind could not comprehend that you did not want to show me any. Nor could my heart. All the hurt you flung and bore me down with, it turned inward because I could not face the truth. You are my parents. What ever you did was right, So I have been taught and I believed. I put all my faith and trust in you.
Again, you saw this and viewed me and treated me with contempt. Sometimes subtle, sometimes open when you knew you could get away with it.
To others your humbleness was real. To me it was sick, obnoxious, and false. How I wished it was real. That and the kindness and compassion youpraded  before ev eryone.
It took me a while to come to this point. To stop swallowing  the bitterness and hurt shoved down my throat. To stop making excuses for you.I hate myself now. I always will
When I get the chance I will disappear and never come back. I will live by myself and never let anyone close. I will go where the hill meets the sea and the sun kisses the sand. I will be free. Free to live and free to die.
Just stay the hell away from me.

Monday, May 30, 2011


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Octa!!!! YAY! sorry for leaving so abruptly before. Both comps are being used by my younger brothers .
*hugs Octa*
I'm not used to the auto spell check thing either. LOL Octagon...Bah!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Kallista Meets Sam

The night sounds drifted through the open window as Kallista Pendragon stood at the sink and looked out at the scene below her third story apartment. Raindrops from a previous storm dripped off the lampposts out front and briefly glowed in the light before falling to the pavement below. All was quiet in that early Spring evening. Just the way Kallista liked it. A smile played about her lips as she brushed back a stray strand of deep black hair that has some how gotten loose from her Japanese hair pins.

Lightning flared in the distance lighting up the night sky, announcing that another storm was on its way. Breathing deeply she took in the delicious scents of rain soaked earth carried in by the gentle breeze. Somewhere nearby a neighbor had their radio on and the indistinct sounds of music gave further testimony to the arrival of Spring. More and more people where drifting outside these days and lingering until the late hours of the night, enjoying the warming days.

Tonight would be different though.  The gentle wind began to grow in intensity as the storm drew near. Above in the heavens the clouds gathered and covered the beauty of the twinkling stars. People would be forced to go indoors.

Smiling happily Kallista hummed to herself as she moved gracefully past the gleaming granite counter tops of her luxurious apartment and onto the roomy balcony just beyond the huge French doors. Here she felt safe and sheltered. The elaborate massive brick building once housed the insane people of that community more then a century ago. For a brief time it had then become vacant until at last with the vision of a wealthy developer, it had become luxury apartments. Situated downtown and close to the bay, it had become a desired resident for many wealthy people. Kallista felt very lucky to have gotten one of the best apartments. It certainly helped that she knew the developer and had saved his life.

A year ago, Fred Zenner had almost become dinner for a pair of hungry zombies when a young beautiful girl had come up and disposed of them effortlessly with what looked to be a Samurai sword. He had looked on astounded that a girl should have a sword in the first place and that someone as delicate looking as she was could wield it with such high skill.

She never said anything to him that night. She had merely smiled with a playfulness that matched the twinkle in her big blue green eyes then disappeared into the night. He never saw her again until a few months ago. She had mysteriously appeared before him and asked for a place to sleep. He knew at once what he wanted to do. He gave her the best apartment in the building for free. Or at least he tried to. But she insisted on giving him payment. It was not enough to cover the entire cost of such a place but he didn’t care. He took the money knowing he would insult her if he did not. Where a young girl got money like that he didn’t know and was not about to ask.

Kallista closed her eyes at the memory. She could read him like an open book. But then again, she could read most people, how they felt or what they were thinking.

Rain began to fall gently as thunder rumbled in the background. Lifting her chin she raised it to the wind, letting it swirl about her caressing her face. Laughter bubbled up inside her as the wind picked up and the rain intensified. Thunder and lightning called back and forth to each other in a dramatic display. Kallista could feel her magic rising within her to meet with this force of nature and dance with it

Then a wrongness slipped in, a feeling of discord amidst the symphony of life. Slowly and cautiously she lowered her arms and concentrated on the source. Selectively she closed off all other sounds and listened. There it was again, the sound of someone or something struggling. Whipping her head around she pinpointed the object of the cacophony. Among the shadows a figure moved, human shape but Kallista knew at once he was not.

Without a second thought she vaulted off the porch and onto the ground easily, thanks to her ninja training. Her soft slippers sank into the muddy ground beside the driveway as she purposefully tracked the figure who by now had spotted her and was struggling to get away. Already she had her samurai sword out and held it ready for the kill as she closed in.

He looked up then unafraid but pain showing in his brown eyes. For a brief moment his eyes shown red and Kallista understood. Steadily Kallista lowered her sword but stayed ready. One never knew what to expect from a vampire. Especially one who was suffering as the one before her now.

“You need blood.” She stated bluntly. “But despite all the easy targets around you go hungry. Why?”

She already knew the answer. She had seen it in his face.

“That’s not how I am.” He responded and stood up to face her despite his deepening agony. If she was to kill him, he would face it as an equal and not hovering on the damp earth.

Tilting her head a bit she studied him for a moment, noting his dark wet hair and tattered cloths, then she spoke.

“Relax. I’m not going to kill you.”

In amazement he watched as she lifted the edge of her kimono revealing the slender white skin of her sword arm. It was all he could do not to tear into her at that moment.

“What are you doing?” He cried out in fear and anger, his hunger gnawing at him sharply.

“I’m going to let you have some of my blood.” She replied unfazed by his wrath and smiled secretly. “You need to survive don’t you?”

“I will KILL you!” He warned and groaned as his fangs ached painfully.

“NO you won’t.” She told him, the truth shining in her eyes. “I’m not entirely human myself and have magic to help me. I will be able to pull you away.”

He could not help himself. He grabbed her arm and began to feast with great intensity. For a while he was aware of nothing other then his own hunger being abated. Then as he began to feel at ease again, the pain lessening, he became attentive of a sweet sound. The girl was chanting and singing softly an ancient song of power that was keeping her alive while he ate.

“All done?” She asked softly as he finally let go.

“Yes.” He replied. “Who are you?”

“You first!” She spoke playfully to him as she lowered her sleeve again.

“I’m Sam. Sam Willows.” He nodded to her. “Why did you help me?”

“Kallista Pendragon.” Was all she responded. “I helped you because it was the right thing to do.”

This is what I wrote for Trohyman for his contest to be in his story.What do you think?  It is actually part of the SP fanfic but I did not want it on that blog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twisted Christmas: Story Ideas

I want to hear from YOU!!!!
If you have been following my story you will probably agree it is a tad depressing. I was going to kill off Kallista in the most pathetic and undignified way possible but have changed it slightly so that I will not anger some of you. LL
But I would like to hear from you, my awesome readers, as to what should happen next to Kallista. I don't want her story to end yet. Also. Please put down if you want to be in the story and what role/relationship you would like to have with Kallista.
Example. Do you want to be a cop who arrests bad ass Kallista or a street thug who beats her up....ect.
I do have an ending where you all will be in it but wanted to add you all in a bit more.
So, please! Give me your thoughts and ideas in the comment section!
Thanks all!!!