Friday, December 24, 2010

Twisted Christmas: A Tale of a Bad@$$ Kallista Pendragon ;p Part 2

She didn't know how long she ran down the streets on that cold dark night. All Kallista Pendragon cared about was getting away from the flashing lights of the police cars. She was panting heavily by the time she stopped. The only thing calm that night was the gently falling snow. It fell in soft big feathery flakes. Once upon a time she used to enjoy watching the snowfall. But that was before the Incident. How quickly things can change in a moments notice. A sigh escaped her lips and her head lowered in regret.

Silently she glanced around and recognised her old school. Really it hadn't been that long since she had attended there. It was just last month when she was kicked out. It was where the Incident had begun. Hatred filled her again as she studied the old three story brick building. The outside lights shown on the corners of the building but there was still places shrouded in shadow.
Snow crunched under the wheels of an approaching vehicle and startled her out of her thoughts. Quickly she darted into the shadows and watched through narrowed eyes the police car that patrolled down the street. It was looking for her, she knew. Quietly she waited for it to pass. When her rapid heartbeat had settled down she turned cautiously and went to the side of the building farthest away from the street. Climbing the side of the school turned out to be more difficult due to her injuries. But she pressed on, fear of being caught propelling her forward. Slowly she made her way to the top of the building, the bricks cutting into the skin on her hands. It was not the first time she had done this; breaking into the school. But she never had to deal with extensive damage to her body before. She hated how it was slowing her down. After a few more minutes she made it to the stop and weakly stole to the hatch that opened to the school inside. With a groan she lifted the hatch and dropped though to the hallway below. Instead of landing gracefully on her feet, she fell awkwardly and lay for a few moments on the floor gasping for breath. By some miracle she got to her feet again and staggered down the empty hallway. Her shoes made a strange echo as she made her way to the Band room. Once there she went to the little nook that was hidden in the corner.
She used to come to this nook often, back when things had been normal. Or at least normal for her. Exhausted she sank down against the wall and appraised her injuries. Despite the many cuts and bruising she took, there were no broken bones. She could be thankful for that, she knew. Curling up into a tight ball, she fell asleep
A sharp poke jolted her awake. Instantly the noise of the room alerted her that she had slept to long.
"Who the heck is that?" A girl said in disgust.
"Who? More like: WHAT the heck is it?" Another girl spoke up and poked Kallista again in the side with her foot.
Dread filled her as she turned her head to face several of her former classmates who stood like towers over her. As expected, they were sneering at her and whispering to one another in cruel delight.
"Well if it isn't Crazy Kal!" Brian Turner mocked quietly. "What have you come back for? To steal some more of other people's property?"
"Oh! My! Gosh! Just look at her!" The same girl mocked. Kallista looked sharply at the girl and recognized her. Kelly Adams.
"You have some nerve coming back here Kallista!" Kelly added primly. "Nobody wants you here. Just go away."
"Shut up Kelly." Kallista retorted to her former friend, her voice coming out raw and scratchy. Unlovely "I really don't care who wants me here. I'll stay as long as I want."
"You can't talk to Kelly that way!" Brian stepped forward angrily. The others caught his mood and glared at Kallista.
Kelly sniffed and looked away offended. Kallista almost laughed. How could she had ever been friends with these people?
"What going on here?" A loud obnoxious voice overtook them all.
It was Billy Jacobs the school's loudmouth. He came over as the others parted ways before him. But Kelly looked uneasy.
"Billy. Don't." She murmured quietly as she looked away.
But Billy ignored her and looked on at Kallista with obvious delight. His intentions where clear.
"HEY! Everybody! Look what we have here!" His voice carried and soon caught the attention of not only rest of the band students but those in the hallway who were hanging out before school began.
Curious they rushed in, eager to be in on what ever was happening. A collective gasp went up at the sight of her. Kallista knew she was dirty, bloody, and disheveled. An easy target.
Cursing silently, she considered her options. There were not many.
"Your gonna get it someday, Billy! I swear it!" She said forcefully under her breath.
She rose and made a move to push past everyone but Billy shoved her back. Desperate, she regained her balance and tried again.
"Your not getting off that easy Kallista." Billy said as he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back."You are so much a larry. A LOSER larry!"
She cried out in pain but still refused to give in. Once before she had beaten up Billy and it had been fun. But could she do it again in a roomful of enemies? Hesitating for only a minute she made her decision.
She ignored the pain and kicked behind her getting him in the knee. As he let go and clutched his knee, she swung her hand and slapped him on the face, an insult that would do more damage then a punch.
The lighting in the room seemed to dim as Kallista felt the energy around her turn cold and ugly.
Where were the teachers? She wondered fearfully as the students, as if one looked on her with malice. With a quick dart to the left she made to get away and headed for the window. She would rather jump then deal with this bunch. But many strong hands grabbed her and pulled her back hard. In that instant she was surrounded by what seemed like the entire student assembly and was repeatedly pushed and shoved forward while getting punched. The kids had made a gauntlet and she was forced to stumble though, trying desperately to keep her head covered. Behind the gauntlet the kids from the band picked up their instruments and accompanied her beating and humiliation with Twisted Sister's, We're Not Gonna Take It. Something slapped her in the face just as she tripped. It was a rotten banana peel. A laugh rang out and soon more food was thrown sharply at Kallista, striking her as she staggered on. Despite her best effort a cry slipped from her and even though there was so much jeering, her cry was heard. Everyone cheered and the shoving and beatings intensified. Something caught her attention despite the torment she was going through. Several teachers were looking on coldly but doing nothing. She was truly alone.
All the way down the hall, down the stairs and until they reached the front doors of the school, her former classmates ridiculed her and beat her. Their chanting filled the whole school as they threw her off the front steps.
Blindly she stood up, wiping away the remnets of food that plastered her face. She turned slowly and stared with resentment and disdain on her face. Taking a deep breath she opened her mouth to tell them all off. But the familiar sound of sirens filled her ears and cut her off. She turned and looked on with disbelief as several police cars raced towards the school, their lights flashing.
"Not again." She muttered anxiously. 
Behind her the kids all cheered and laughed as she took off running. Objects where thrown at her one last time as she darted passed and headed for the alleyway on the other side.
Is this how it would be for the rest of her life?
Panic urged her on. It was twelve days till Christmas.


  1. Once again I'm having computer issues where the computer is doing stuff I did not command. LIKE PUTTING STUPID HIGHLIGHTED AREAS IN MY STORY!!! It always goes to yellow. I don't know why or how to fix it.
    But I still hope the story is ok. :)

    Thanks for reading everybody!

  2. Wow, this is amazing. You're such a talented writer. Happy Christmas. Hope you get loads of presents. :D

  3. So well written! It's awesome!
    Sure is sad though!! Hopefully it will get better. :]

  4. Really cool! Yeah, i hope it will get better. Merry Christmas, Kallista Pendaragon.

  5. i third pyro and thrice

    W.O.W *though i put dots inbetween mine and also i have one other word to say awesomesauce*

  6. sad, yet so amazing! love your writing skills kallista, completely blows me away everytime! ;)

    They need their Heads checked!!
    Anyway, AWESOME story. Really love it!
    *darts to part 3*

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