Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twisted Christmas: A Tale of a Bad@$$ Kallista Pendragon ;p Part 1

Kallista Pendragon sat on the front step of her home, 12 empty containers of egg nog beside her. She took a big gulp from the thirteenth one then realised she had run out. Sneering disdainfully she tossed it in the pile with the other containers. She didn't wear a coat despite the winter chill.  All she had on were her tank top and baggy army pants.  Out of habit she ran her slender hand across the top of her mohawk, amused by the black strands that hung over her face. On either side of her head was a design of  white and black checkers. She wore the rest of her hair long, strait and dyed white.
A gust of wind came then bringing with it a flurry of snow. It stung as it slapped her face.  Jumping up she stood and challenged the winter to do it's worst with her, hands flung out and voice raised to the wind. Then for just a moment, all was still. Bored and angry, she flexed her muscles. But there was no one to impress. No friends to hang out with. No boys to beat up. Kallista was all alone in the silent night. She stared impatiently at all the holiday lights that glowed warmly on the homes in the cold frosty night air.
"Ridiculous!" She spat out then groaned. "I need some more nog." 
Jumping from the porch she headed down the street to the nearest grocery store. As she sauntered arrogantly along the sidewalk she could hear beautiful Christmas music playing. She turned her head to gaze at all the beautiful Victorian homes that lined the street. She could see through the windows the families who had gathered together and for a moment she allowed the secret place of her heart to open. A powerful wave of emotion swept through her pale thin body. The longing she had hid away was so strong it threatened to overtake her. She dropped on her knees in agony and a few tears escaped before she beat it back into submission. She would NOT cry. That life, that dream was not for her. She knew that now and no longer cared what happened to herself. At least that was what she told herself.
Resentment built up in her and she glanced around with shifty eyes before standing up. Good. No one had seen her. Up ahead she could see the little grocery store, it's sign blinking merrily. She entered and ignored the usual incredulous stares that always seemed to follow her where ever she went. Instead she kept that small mocking smile on her lips.
There it was. The egg nog. Beckoning her from behind the clear refrigerated glass. A little old lady blocked her way. The grey haired woman seemed to be taking her time and would not move out of the way. She looked instead reproachfully at Kallista. Kallista HATED that look above anything else. She cocked her head and held the old woman's offended stare as she reached rudely pass and grabbed the carton. Her mocking smile grew wider as the woman gave an affronted gasp. Kallista didn't say anything but merely gave a cocky nod and turned away abruptly.
"Well! I never!" She heard the old voice quiver in anger behind her.
She almost laughed. But she didn't. An old feeling of remorse trickled out from her. But like before, she pushed it back. She didn't have time for emotions like that. They only ever got in her way.
Just before the checkout line she spotted a lollipop. She grabbed it on impulse and tucked it away in the folds of her baggy army pants. She quickly paid for the egg nog and left chuckling to herself. So busy in her thoughts she did not notice the sleigh headed her way. She took out her lollipop and licked it happily. She stepped out in the street a moment later only to be knocked down violently. The fancy sleigh pulled by a team of horses trampled over the girl then continued its merry way. Kallista lay there stunned and bruised for a moment before anything registered. Then it came to her as a shock. The sleigh had been driven by a man in a red coat. Santa Clause!  She sat up and felt her face gingerly. Wincing she sucked back a moan of pain. Staggering to her feet she looked around for her lollipop and egg nog only to discover that both had been crushed under the horses feet. She picked up the crumpled carton and cursed silently as she looked down at the hoof prints all over her.
"That's gonna leave a mark." She muttered. Her breath made smoke whisps in the air.
She felt for the first time, cold. Unsteadily she moved back to the sidewalk to make her way back home. It was softly snowing now. Each step pained her but she shut it away in her rage. Rage turned to shock as she rounded the corner. She came face to face with a group of Santa's on their way home from a holiday party. Of course! That Santa who had been driving the sleigh must have been part of this group, she thought to herself as she curled her lip in disgust. The Santas had stopped talking as well and looked back at her in bemusement.
"Can we help" One of them asked hesitantly.
"Yeah!" Kallista shot back as she threw the damaged container at them. She held out her arms in challenge and lifted her chin. "You can give me your coat!"
"Excuse me?" Another Santa spoke.
"You heard me!" She roared as she charged them.
Kallista tackled the smallest one even though he was still bigger then her. She could hear the protests as she punched their comrade. They roughly tried to pull her away but she didn't care. She snarled and fought all the harder. It took the rest of the men to pull her away. She was flung roughly back and hit the side a lamp post with a bang. Then a fist followed and struck her on the right side of her face.
"Look! I don't know who are what you are!" One was yelling at her. "But you won't get away with this!"
"Call the police Pete!" another one yelled.
"I already did." Pete replied with venom in his voice. He turned back to her. "You piece of filth! You WON'T get away with this! The police are on their way"
"Yeah?" Kallista sneered as she staggered up. "I'll think I'll give it a try anyways."
They let the battered person go, never knowing whether he was a she or if she was a he.
Kallista limped away coatless, hatless and friendless. Off into the night she disappeared as the flashing lights of the police cars drew near.

This story is just the first part everyone. It was intended to be funny at first but has turned into something else. It's something I had to write. It does not reflect my beliefs or experiences but some of those that I had observed. I will write a more cheerful story apart from this one provided I have the time and am not interrupted by unpleasantness. 
Hopefully I will have part 2 up by tomorrow.  :)


  1. There is a highlighted part in the story. I don't know why that happened. But lately my computer is doing odd stuff like that that I didn't want. I don't know how to fix it. But just wanted to let you know it does not mean anything. It's not suppose to be there. :/

  2. That's amazing Kallista. Really well written. It's kind of sad though. Can't wait for the next part. :D

  3. Kallista: The mighty Thor has been pleased by your story.
    IT ROCKS!!!!!

  4. oh gosh kallista can she be more rude?! i still loved it though!

  5. Hmmm....

    I love the picture, the writing is great, but as for the actual story itself, its not like you Kallista, are you ok at the moment? is anything troubling you? because if so, your always welcome to talk to me

    Just drop me an email, hopefully i hear from you...

  6. got a mohawk...i hate mohawks...

    But also...yeah. I agree with Dragona. But that's all i'm going to say. I will pry no more, unless i am allowed to.


  8. i love it! Awesome twist on Christmas! xD xxx

  9. woah . . . not what i was expecting at all . . .the writing was as good as ever but i don't know . . . phew

  10. Oh.... Kallie. This is amazing. You weren't kidding about the emotions... How sad!!! but I love it! But I'm sad... And I still love it!!!

  11. Okay, I am only reading this now and I cannot help but love it!!
    That was so good!! Beating up a SANTA? Tut tut!
    It was Awesome though!!