Tuesday, December 14, 2010



He accepted!
We began on Hellboy's blog but then I moved it here. Please read and then cast your vote!

Octaboona began the dance. Here is how it went!

*Octaboona prepares for the Futterwacken competition*

*Puts on long flowing rainbow coloured robes, a tall crumpled hat with a blue pineapple on top and lime green socks instead of gloves, also a long violet scarf with golden tassels and finally a pink dressing gown with pictures of bunnies on them*

*and a red toothbrush in each ear*
*Octaboona starts madly futterwackening, flailing his legs above his head and balancing on his arms*

*He starts to do an Irish jig and flaps his ears*

*The futterwackening reaches a crescendo with my elbows a blur, until the pineapple on my head blasts off, I futterwacken ever more furiously catching the pineapple in my mouth*

*I start singing with my knees kicking up and down, electric toothbrushes buzzing away, my robes and dressing gown billow around me in splendour*

*My lime green socks only add to the flash of colour and movement of the Futterwacken*
*My toes complete round after round of the Mexican Wave and I spin around furiously, legs tucked away behind my ears as I swirl ans twirl and pirouette, lifting of the ground with sheer intensity*

*Finally, I complete a triple somersault, whilst spelling out my name in sign language, my feet create clouds of dust as I flip around, madly cackling away with an intense look of concentration, I juggle twelve unicycles and balance a giant array of fruit and a codfish on the tip of my nose and I FUTTERWACKEN, FUTTERWACKEN, FUTTERWACKEN. My arms flap around my ankles and with one last burst of glory, my robes fluttering, I dance a miraculous dance of splendidness, turn inside out, land on my head and wiggle my feet energetically*

This ends Octaboona's Brilliant performance!

Now it's Kallista 's turn.

*Kallista comes swinging in an her trusty vine giving off her famous Tarzan yodel*

*she lets go mid air and triple flips before landing in the spotlight*

*she is dressed in a SP style suit, purple and silver. Instead of SP's hat, she wears the Mad Hatter's hat. Her hair dyed a light blue with glitter. Her long eyelashes are pink and glittery. Her lips a shiny red*

*on her ears she wears tiny Christmas trees that light up and blink*

*she begins her futterwacking while juggling Hellboy, Alex, and Lenka*

*her beautiful head spins three times and fireworks explode from the end of her brightly painted nails*

*she catches Hellboy, Alex, and Lenka elegantly and sets then down before bowing brilliantly*

This concludes the first round of the Futterwacken Dance Off! Anyone can challenge the winner for the next round until at last we have the FUTTERWACKEN Blog Champion! Dance contest may be held at either the winner's blog or the challenger's blog. Winner decides.
The judges are the people of the SP gang. Only one vote per person.  Contestants may not vote! They may not change a performance or add to it once it's done.   (Kallista desperately wishes it could change)

judges should decide among themselves of what the prize will be for the winner.......and what the penalty will be for the looser! >;)


  1. My poast is weirdly written I know. But my computer was giving me trouble.
    Anyhow.....PLEASE VOTE!!!!!


    It was close to 1 in the morning. Give me a break! ;p

  3. I vote Kallista, the tarzan bit did it for me :P

  4. And Alex voted for me on Hellboy's blog.
    But then he voted for fish :(
    Lizzy also voted fish.

  5. LOL Octa. I don't care what Alex says....
    You still get his vote.
    Both Lizzy and Mary cast unquailfied votes. Silly girls. I shall get them back for that! >:)

  6. im sorry octa but i have to vote kallista ;)
    mainly coz she wore an SP style suit- with which you can never go wrong ;)

  7. I'm Sorry Octa, voting Kallista :D she did the futterwagen in pure style without added extras

  8. sorry octa kallista got my vote the lime green socks are awesome tho :)

  9. I VOTE FOR *drum rolls* SKULGIRL AND THE MAD HATTER!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thrice, Dragona, Nicolette, Skylara Flo, Lenka
    vote Kallista

    Darkane, Alex vote for Octaboona

  11. If Lizzy, Mary, Skulgirl and Sarthacus had voted properly then we might be equal.

  12. This is the mighty Thor casting one vote for Kallista Pendragon.

  13. but i think i might have voted too late. Drat.

  14. Well....
    Voting is open till all the regulars have voted. I think we are still waiting on Hellboy and Leo.

    I think to that Lizzy, Mary, Skulgirl, And SArthacus wanted to vote for Octaboona but felt sorry for me and didn't know what to do. So they made up thier own vote.
    I think we can give Octaboona those votes. :)

  15. no way! i voted for fish because you where both equal. if anything, split the votes

  16. btw, I CHALLENGE THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH!!!!! if its a tie i'll take you both on ;)